That’s me on the right. I delivered this whip in person to my friend David

As a child, like so many others, I fell in love with the Indiana Jones films. So when i was 8 years old I bought my first whip from a catalog and learned to crack a whip. It wasn’t until many years later after having gone to art school at the Savannah College of Art and Design and trying to pursue a career as an artist that i stumbled upon my childhood passion and decided, I am going to learn how to make whips. I believe whip making and whip cracking to be a dying art which, thanks to the internet, is now making a strong comeback.

I make my whips with the same techniques that the old masters used to ensure heirloom quality. All my whips are made from the finest leathers and materials. I guarantee my whips will last the rest of your life. If they break I will repair them free of charge.

All whipmakers do things slightly differently and you will find that they differ based on preferences of the maker. Fluidity, beauty, and cracking ease are qualities that you will find in my whips. I like to think that the whips i make come to life in the hands of a skillful user and, also have a mind of their own and will teach the beginner how to handle them properly.

thanks for reading and feel free to email me with any questions